PAX: Resistance 2 and Retribution

Admittedly, I still haven’t gotten around to playing Resistance: Fall of Man, though I intend to pick it up one of these days. Preferably before the release of Resistance 2. Today, I got to watch some dudes play through a match or two of multiplayer, which was admittedly sweet, in addition, Daniel and I each play-tested Resistance: Retribution, the new PSP game.

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One thing that I noticed about Resistance 2 was its graphics, which looked pretty nice for an early look at the multiplayer. In addition, it appeared to have some Call of Duty 4 mechanics in terms of its aiming, but also in the way that players were rewarded XP for each kill, something that I loved about COD4 multiplayer.

However, I have to say that I may have been more impressed with Retribution for the PSP. Even though it was a handheld, the controls actually didn’t feel very clunky, and the graphics weren’t bad, either. The Lead Designer lead Daniel through some of the playable areas, and even though this is essentially a pre-alpha build, it was surprisingly fun.

Resistance 2 Multiplayer:

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  1. I hope R2 has some Cod4 elements. I enjoyed Resistance, but it was too much of a twitch shooter online, so that would be a vast improvement.

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