PAX: Fallout 3 Booth Kind of Rules

In continuing with their tradition of Fallout 3’s ridiculously awesome art, Bethesda seems to have gone all out with their PAX booth this year. While I was kindly asked by a Bethesda dude to not take any video, I was able to grab some pretty incredible pictures of the set-up that they had going on, which included but was not limited to a trailer, burned-up mannequins, and a huge metal cylon looking guy.

It also included perhaps the best piece of SWAG of the day…

In addition to all of that, they had a huge plasma screen running a looping demo, and several booths set up for folks to actually play the game. Pictures are below, along with the rocking SWAG: the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide.

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6 thoughts on “PAX: Fallout 3 Booth Kind of Rules”

  1. *GASP* A dweller’s survival guide! I = so jealous! I lurve little trinkets like that! Fallout looks like it could be the best RPG since… well Oblivion!

  2. I have drastically cut down on the number of games i actually BUY, but this one is a must have for me, barring any terrible reviews.

  3. Man…i wish i was there 🙁

    Sweet stuff though.

    This is a game on my buy this year as well 🙂

  4. That dude is a member of “Brotherhood of Steel”
    Its basically a guild like (if you played oblivion or Morrowind)that you will be able to join. Its crazy.

    Im so pumped for Fallout 3. Eddy bring me a toy from their booth!!

  5. Yeah, the Vault Dweller’s guide is incredible, and actually a whole booklet. And the game looks sweet, too. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and actually play the thing.

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