Rumor: Waggle Your Saber With More Accuracy

Everyone knows that one of the first things they geeked out about when they imagined playing the Nintendo Wii was some kind of super badass lightsaber dueling game. This fantasy may or may not have included a sarlacc pit and jedi robes.

Well, in addition to their other two lightsaber dueling games (The Clone Wars:Lightsaber Duels and The Force Unleashed), it seems that LucasArts might have a third one in the works—this one utilizing one-to-one motion with Wii’s new MotionPlus.

This news is none too surprising on the heels of LucasArts being understandably crotchety after Nintendo threw them under the bus, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. One of the things that’s always bugged me is that lack of real one-to-one motion control when playing the Wii, so hopefully MotionPlus delivers great gameplay all around, particularly here.

What do you guys think about a MotionPlus lightsaber game?

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7 thoughts on “Rumor: Waggle Your Saber With More Accuracy”

  1. Yeah, I think MotionPlus is going to finally do with the Wii what it was supposed to have done from launch. I remember watching a demo from E3 way back when where they bragged that it had one-to-one translations of movement. Lies!

  2. The Wii’s interaction is incredible. and Motion Lightsaber games isn’t something that seems out of the ordinary for wii. considering their wii sports, and mario kart. And all the other sword/motion games out there.

  3. The thing about the Wii Sports game, I don’t know if they were using MotionPlus, is that in the end the mechanic was no different than boxing in the original Wii Sports.

  4. Hmm…Nitendo Wii + Some serious light-saber action = Sweet piece of pie. Gonna have to get Wii plus that Motion Plus light saber game for Christmas.

    P.S. BTW nice site. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great idea, but what sucks for Lucasarts is that until the one with Wii motion comes out, the other two are already inferior.

    Nintendo just screwed them big time.

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