Rumor: Halo by Who?

Big goings-on on the Interwebz. Rumblings, some would say. According to OXM, the next installment of the Halo franchise (Halo 4 for those keeping the score at home) is being developed by Gearbox Software, the fine minds behind Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Halo PC and the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Strange, this news is, though not that strange considering the recent exodus of Bungie Studios from the Microsoft umbrella. Stranger, though? The rumor is that Halo 4 is not for the 360.

OXM reports that Halo 4 is coming to Microsoft’s next console. Xbox 720? Nextbox? RRo2-D2? Personally, I’m a big fan of Bungie and all their work, so this news is more than a little unsettling. But I’d have to say it’s even more unsettling that we’re already talking about next gen when this gen hasn’t really done all that much for me.

Source- Joystiq.

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4 thoughts on “Rumor: Halo by Who?”

  1. I agree. I hate when anyone brings up the NEXT gen, we have barely gotten started on this one! Apparently, some people are just dying to throw their money away.

    I mean, they got two Halos on the last xbox, why not 2 on this one?

  2. I am afraid to think of how it will affect the game’s aspects. Bungie did remarkable things with Halo, I do not want to see that slide away.

  3. Interesting. Although this doesn’t really bother me, i’m investing my money into better computer parts the only “Next Gen” console I own is the Wii.

    It would be an interesting move to bring out another console this early, maybe it’s a test to Microsoft’s fan base ? :O


  4. Well, gearbox has expirence (somewhat) in the halo seires for the pc, and even though they didn’t do that well for halo 2, i still think it’s not such an upset

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